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The main application of automatic forming machine

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 The design and manufacture of special specifications of equipment to undertake our factory.

Our factory has always uphold the quality first, the principle of mutual benefit, and provide technical advice, free training and good after sale service, is willing to establish long-term, good relations of cooperation with friends from all walks of life, warmly welcome customers to negotiate.
1 plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, toys, gifts, stationery, hardware, household appliances, electronics, plastics, batteries, decoration)
2 food packaging industry (fruit tray, food box, biscuit box)
3 industrial cooling towers, cooling water diversion plate
4 decorative three-dimensional relief patterns, plastic ceiling, wall panels, automotive materials, hygiene equipment manufacturing industry.
5 suitable for producing all kinds of color polyethylene, PVC sheet: PS PVC, organic glass, ABS, PMMA; flocking sheet; environmental protection sheet APET, PET, PP etc; degradation material; biodegradable material and other plastic products.
Molding type fully automatic packing machine:
A single positive molding: single Yang molding is also called convex molding or bending, vertical molding. It is the method for molding plastic sheet heating softened by mechanical shaping it into a certain shape.
The two single female die forming: single female die forming is also called concave molding.
Three on Molding: mold, on molding by male and female die, fixture and other accessories composed.
Four composite molding: the role of composition.



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