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Automatic packing machine operation four standard

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fully automatic packing machine for forming operation standards can be divided into: orders, commissioning, production, shut down the four aspects.
Full automatic plastic molding machine operation: orders
Assignment: forming class from the production supervisor department received "production orders", according to the requirements of the specific distribution list, employees in the specified machine production.
Machine check: "production orders" to the staff on duty, staff on duty orders, first open the machine electric switch, preheat the oven heating tube forming, and check whether the bright, bright as normal, and the function switch is normal, found himself unable to switch failure, solve problems, must immediately to the supervisor assists processing.
Mould machine receive: after checking normal class, according to the "forming production" mould number on duty, to mould warehouse brought with the desired mold. All items are in place, we must check the number on the die and whether the card, also check the mold, the upper mold have quality problems. Check, check through, in order to "die die warehouse entry registration form" on the signature, out of.
The reference sample receive: staff according to the "production orders" to QC department to receive the customer signed sample shift, check no problem in "sample borrow entry registration form" on the signature, out of.
Raw material receive: staff according to the "production orders" to the warehouse to receive used in the production of sheet on duty, in the warehouse keeper office and fill out the "requisition".
Full automatic plastic molding machine operation: debugging
The mold tooling: clean up after preheating installed on the machine.
Raw materials: put the raw materials gently loaded to the raw bar with anti scratch, according to "the molding condition parameter control parameter range table" record to debug each function switch time.
Test molding: open the single switch, test prototype mold, remove. Quality control according to the sample with the examination, to forming quality requirements with knife mold cutting test, whether to meet the size requirements.
Plastic nose mold inspection record: after repeated debugging until qualified the required date, quality control to do "the first piece inspection record".
Scrap handling: the process of debugging scrap concentration, quality inspection by the inspection, sent to the waste area, scrap processing.
Full automatic plastic molding machine operation: Production
Production: open automatic switch, entered the production stage, forming the staff to stand beside the machine, constantly checking products and machine.
Blister machine self-test: production process, employees have to self-examination of the products, every two hours to make a self inspection record, "blister in product inspection records" in the table, and promptly arrange in molded products on the table, the forming defects and yield stacked separately, the product must be handled with care to avoid the friction, products are stacked to be neat, prevent extrusion deformation.
Exception handling: production process, such as quality problems arise or machine failure problems they can't handle, in a timely manner to the relevant personnel of quality control, team leader or supervisor to reflect, to assist in dealing with. A major exception, from the production team leader or supervisor to fill out the "corrective and preventive measures of handling", a set of query causes of quality control and to take corrective measures etc.



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