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High-speed automatic vacuum plastic molding machine


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  •  Can adapt to a variety of color sheet: PET, PVC, PS, PP, flocking sheet, biodegradable sheet, APET sheet, PETG environmental protection material

    Function characteristics:
    1, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. The action program by PLC control. Touch screen operation, simple and convenient.
    2, intelligent servo feeding system, manual feed little, can automatically enter low speed mode, guarantee the upper die easily.
    3, the production formula and memory function, can store 100 data and parameters.
    4, heating intelligent control system, can automatically adjust the temperature compensation, no more than plus or minus 1 degrees, has the advantages of low energy consumption, long service life etc..
    5, the function for the automatic detection of the heating system, can accurately find problems.
    The biasing structure having 6, electric furnace, when the sheet width is less than 610mm, closed electric furnace, while the whole row of electric heating brick, can reduce energy consumption 16%.
    7, earlyfeedingwith heating time automatic memory function, can make the machine from the first edition you can enter the normal working state.
    8, the two stage vacuum; two times the upper die; demoulding motion; vacuum delay. Water cold delay, delay.
    9, an upper die and a lower die, electrically adjustable, on gate capable of bidirectional electric adjustment, convenient and quick.
    10, an upper die and a lower die at any time can enter the buffer, increase the clamping speed, avoid the impact.
    11, the upper die and the lower die guide columns using high strength steel, hardness above 55 Rockwell, endure.
    Material roll device 12, machinery, reducing the labor intensity of workers.
    13, the mold disc electrically adjustable size (450mm-720mm) * 1220mm, track can be electrically adjustable.


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